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Novelty USB Flash Drivers

USB flash drivers have been on the market for a while. Everyone needs them, everyone uses them. With growing popularity of these little novelty gadgets, manufacturers decided to add little extra to its design. We all know what ordinary flash drive looks like, usually piece of plastic in different colours.

Many wholesalers nowadays offer these little novelties in different shapes and custom designs. Who wouldn’t enjoy carry lots of gigs, all nicely wrapped up in the shape of your favourite cartoon character? Sales of novelty USB drivers increased and find home with not only teenagers but also many adults. IT experts, house wives or a students, we all have files to be transferred or carry around so why not to use something that would do the job and put a smile on your face in same time.

Strangely enough, one of the most popular and common design for USB flash driver is food. USB shaped as vegetable, fruit, junk food or bakery goods are everywhere. I can’t really explain why but maybe look of the burger attached to your computer takes all the hunger away.

The choice of custom shaped USB flash drivers is endless. Shelves are full of different designs for us to use and make our flash drive to stand out from the ones commonly used by our friends or colleagues.

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