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China Bulk Wholesale Novelties

China is one of the most advanced and economically successful countries in the world, and one of the ways they have built their huge economy is through the export of manufactured goods. In today’s guide we shall look at bulk wholesale novelties and the benefits of buying from China.

What is Bulk Wholesale and what are the Benefits?

Bulk wholesale is the process by which you buy a bulk amount of one particular item (or several items).
The general rule when purchasing wholesale products direct from the manufacturer is that the more you buy the cheaper they become per item. If you are running a business then this has huge benefits to you as it maximizes your profit margin.

Even if you are a consumer wanting to buy a product you can benefit from buying bulk wholesale – even if the amount you are purchasing is a lot lower than a business might buy. A lot of people have taken advantage of cheap bulk wholesale items to run online businesses on websites such as Ebay.
Below we shall look at why China is one of the best places to buy bulk wholesale novelties from.

Why Buy Bulk Wholesale from China?

It is no coincidence why it seems that almost every item we purchase has a ‘Made in China’ label attached to it. In fact, a huge majority of the world’s mass manufacturing is done in China.

China was one of the first countries to truly perfect the art of cheap, mass manufacturing and as a result can offer good quality items at a much lower price than most other countries can offer.

Labor in China is much cheaper than in most parts of the world, and production costs are kept low by manufacturing items in the thousands on huge production lines in factories across the country. A lot of the manufacturing factories in China are based around major shipping ports – both on the east and south coast’s – making it efficient and cheap to ship to all areas of the world.

In the past, China was known for producing poor quality items, however much has changed in the past decade. Factories now house state-of-the-art facilities and items are generally of a very high quality. A lot more time is spent on the initial design process to ensure that all mass produced items are well designed.
Another reason why people purchase bulk wholesale novelties from China is the wide range of items available.

Literally any product you can think of is available to buy in bulk from a Chinese wholesaler. While some of the most popular items bought wholesale from China include electrical items and clothing – you can also find the weird and the wonderful on sale too.

As China has spent the last couple of decades dealing with customers from around the world – they are very capable of taking overseas orders and most have sales people who speak fluent English. Wholesalers with websites will almost always have an English version of their website too – making it very easy to deal with them.

Where to Find a Reliable China Bulk Wholesaler?

Before handing over any cash you need to do your research to ensure that your chosen Chinese bulk wholesaler is reliable. With any overseas business transaction there are always risks involved – however it is always best to eliminate as much risk as possible.

The best way to begin your search is to speak to friends, colleagues and family members to see if they have any wholesaler contacts in China or have any experience doing business with any. Personal recommendations are always very helpful.

However, if this does not provide any information for you the next place to look is the internet. Almost all large Chinese wholesalers now have their own websites and many also have a 24 hour sales advisor available to speak to live via the internet. You can ask them any questions you have.

There are lots of online forums dedicated to similar-minded wholesale buyers from around the world where you can discuss the reliability of different wholesalers from China. It is also a great place to get general tips and advice on buying bulk wholesale novelties.

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