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Wholesale Novelties Market

What to sell to make a quick profit? That’s the question everyone asks when setting up new company or just trying their business skills for first time.

There are many products to choose from but one of the best ones are wholesale novelties. Why? Because these little items that make great gifts and party trinkets can be bought as bulk for very little money and then sold for 3 or 4 times more. That makes them one of the most attractive products to sell. Low risk, quick profit – ideal for students trying to make some money or inexperienced retailer.

What are wholesale novelties? Very easy question to answer. Novelties are little gifts we buy for our friends, little fun toys we use at the parties and many other neat little items around us. We use them for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or time of the year like Christmas. Some of the novelties became even collectable items. They are not normally products we would buy for ourselves but we buy them for the others as let’s say “Thinking of you” gifts.

Wholesale novelties are great products to start new business. If you look around, dollar shops are one of the busiest on the high street, always full of people ready to reach for their wallet and buy anything that pleases their eyes. There are many wholesalers offering hundreds and hundreds of different wholesale novelty products. Key rings, fun pens that flash the light or have build in recording of “you are sacked” or even cushions filled with wheat you put in the microwave for couple of minutes and it keeps your neck or back warm for next hour or fridge magnets that put the smile on our face and remind us of someone. All these are products that can make you a fortune.

Every businessman knows that only way to make profit is to get products for very low price, products that sell quickly and sell them for as much as you possibly can but without overpricing them. It is important that you check your competitors first and research market.

As I mentioned before, re-selling wholesale novelties carries low risk as they are very cheap to source and you buy them as bulk and sell them as single items with high mark-up. Another advantage of novelty items is their size. They are normally small and easy to store. If you decide to sell them on internet through your website or through one of the selling sites like E-bay, you don’t have to worry about postage cost.

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